Spray Tracciante

Acrylic-based paint: its’ fast drying, firm adhesion to surfaces and resistance to rubbing and friction make it ideal for tracing, marking or outlining spaces, areas, corridors in worksites, workshops, roads, car parks, sports facilities, wood or pallets.

Codice ArticoloCOD EANDescrizione ProdottoContenutoColoreUIV
EXT-PF-1948032597672249Smalto a base acrilica400 mlGiallo
EXT-PF-1958032597672256Smalto a base acrilica400 mlBlu
EXT-PF-1968032597672263Smalto a base acrilica400 mlArancio
EXT-PF-1978032597672270Smalto a base acrilica400 mlVerde
EXT-PF-1988032597672287Smalto a base acrilica400 mlRosso