EXTREMA & C.A.M. International

Cam International started their business in September 1990 based upon the personal experience of the owner, Mario Calasso, who for over 30 years is committed to the production and packaging of sealants and adhesives for private brands and companies highly recognized in the worlds of Do it yourself hardware and colors. Today, he keeps the business relationship with private labels, and has launched a new range of products in the market under. Extrema line.

The professionalism has not changed and we guarantee high quality standards, accurate check of every single item, traceability of materials used at any time. The entire range of Extrema line consists of the following products: adhesives, glues, silicones, sealants, services products, varnish sprays and technical items related to Do it yourself.

Today the key word is innovation. Related studies have revealed the needs of large groups of buyers and distributors: they need constant innovation and guaranteed professionalism. Our company meets both the requirements and even though the brand name is still young and not very well known yet, it promises excellent quality, fast services and minimum investments on stocking the products.

EFFICIENCY, DYNAMISM, QUALITY OF PRODUCTION, are our “MISSION” that makes C.A.M. INTERNATIONAL, and its brand Extrema, a reliable partner.


Our production facility consists of: