Silicone Sanitario - bathrooms and kitchens

100% mildew resistant
An acid curing mildew resistant durable elastic sealant. It is waterproof, resistant to moisture, detergents and household chemicals and has good adhesion to many surfaces without the use of a primer. It is usable for sealing joints in bathrooms, showers, kitchens, wash and utility rooms, upright freezers and refrigerators. It may be used also to seal assemblies of glass, glazed surfaces, porcelain coated metal, epoxy and polyester panels, uPVC, stainless steel, anodised aluminium and finished wood.

Codice ArticoloCOD EANDescrizione ProdottoContenutoColorepezzi per scatola
EXT-PF-0068032597670368Cartuccia Silicone Sanitario - beccuccio con anello e tappino280 mlTrasparente24
EXT-PF-0078032597670375Cartuccia Silicone Sanitario - beccuccio con anello e tappino280 mlBianco24
EXT-PF-0088032597670382Tubetto Laminato Silicone Sanitario60 mlTrasparente12
EXT-PF-0098032597670399Tubetto Laminato Silicone Sanitario60 mlBianco12
EXT-PF-0838032597671129Silicone Blister Sanitario Trasparente60 mlTrasparente12
EXT-PF-0848032597671136Silicone Blister Sanitario bianco60 mlBianco12

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