Salda Acciaio

Epoxy adhesive, ideal for all metal
Withstands extreme conditions, ultra strong, interior and exterior use. A strong two-part epoxy adhesive for bonding metals. Excellent resistance: from -60?C to +100?C, water and chemical resistant. Ideal for repairing items that have to withstand extreme conditions. Perfect for tools, car components, motors, bicycles, mopeds, fences, cutlery, small holes in radiators, etc. Although able to glue nearly all metals, and metals to wood, stone, cement, hard PVC, polyester and Bakelite, it is not suitable for polythene, polypropylene and PTFE.

Codice ArticoloCOD EANDescrizione ProdottoContenutoColorepezzi per scatola
EXT-PF-0258032597670559Salda acciaio siringa blister bivalva24 ml12

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