Colla per Plastica Universale

For repairing any object in plastic
An invisible adhesive for repairing a wide variety of plastic objects. Impermeable and powerfully adhesive, and leaves no stains. Ideal for plastic items in the home (phones, kettles, remote controls, computers) and for flexible plastics (canoes, benches, air-beds, shower curtains, bags, suitcases, holdalls). Also excellent for gluing electricity ducts in PVC and also ABS, acrylic glass, polycarbonate and hard PVC. Not suitable for polythene, polypropylene, foam polystyrene and PTFE.

Codice ArticoloCOD EANDescrizione ProdottoContenutoColorepezzi per scatola
EXT-PF-2398032597672737Tubetto Alluminio Plastica Universale blister bivalva10 ml24

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