Fix Foam Schiuma Poliuretanica B3

B3 universal manual
Cured foam is a good temperature and sound insulator, and has strong adhesive properties. Adheres well to most building materials, with the exception of Teflon, polyethylene and silicon surfaces. Cured foam is sensitive to UV-light and direct sunlight. It is used for insulation of tubes, filling of holes and gaps, for thermal insulation of wall panels and roof stones.

Codice ArticoloCOD EANDescrizione ProdottoContenutoColorepezzi per scatola
EXT-PF-0458032597670818Schiuma Poliuretanica "B3" universale - manuale750 ml12
EXT-PF-2118032597672416Schiuma Poliuretanica "B3" universale - manuale300 ml12

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