Transparent, universal and high power adhesive
This special adhesive is used as universal glue, quick and transparent for small items as leather, wood, glass, ceramics, fabric and expanded polystyrene. It is used in house, school and d.i.y. High power adhesive.

Codice ArticoloCOD EANDescrizione ProdottoContenutoColorepezzi per scatola
EXT-PF-0548032597670795Tubetto alluminio Attaccatutto blister extra trasparente30 ml12
EXT-PF-2428032597672751Tubetto alluminio Attaccatutto blister extra trasparente10 ml24
EXT-PF-2288032597672584Adesivo Attaccatutto extra trasparente400 ml6
EXT-PF-2298032597672591Adesivo Attaccatutto extra trasparente800 ml4

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